LISTEN: The Black Panther Soundtrack!

There’s still a week until the actual movie hits theaters but Kendrick Lamar has blessed us early by dropping the soundtrack for Black Panther! Take a listen below! p.s. Don’t forget to go see the movie next Friday and take a GANG of people with you!

#DayDay VS. #BabyD Y’all Ready For The Next ‘FRIDAY’?? (Teaser)

Lit af! Talks have been going on the past few years of a new ‘Friday’ movie installment, and in that time, said talks have been dispelled. According to O’shea Jackson Jr.’s Facebook page, it would appear production now has a green light! So we think a new ‘Friday’ is coming soon. Check out this hilarious scene from the movie, reuniting Baby D with DayDay below. Continue reading “#DayDay VS. #BabyD Y’all Ready For The Next ‘FRIDAY’?? (Teaser)”