Hip Hop Artists Come Together To Support Young Tennessee Student Who Was Bullied At School

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This is so hurtful and it’s sad that kids are victims of this harassment every day. Musical artists and other entertainers nationwide are taking a stand against bullying and are sharing this video non stop to support Keaton Jones. Shout out to this young boy and his message! WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!!

Artists such as Plies, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, and T.I. have all reposted this video on their Instagram pages to bring further awareness to the problem of bullying in schools. Chris Brown also reached out to Keaton via repost saying, “I LOVE YOU BRO! Wanna encourage THE WORLD AND PEOPLE TO SHOW LOVE AND COMPASSION. this video made me wanna do harm to the people who picked on this kid, but then I realized that love works both ways. #FUCKBULLYING”

T.I. also spoke to Keaton to show he definitely had his back:
“To answer your question Lil man… bullies are just cowards who are too weak to address the hurt,pain,&unhappiness in their own miserable lives so they take it out on great people like YOU!!! Just know that YOU ARE GREAT!!! Your differences make you the shit!!! Don’t ever let anyone make you feel anything else. When it’s all said & done… FU*K THEM!!!! You’ve got friends in US!!! Don’t let their unhappiness get to you. Time has a way of showing bullies how shitty their lives really are. Just remember ALL THE THINGS THEY PICK ON YOU ABOUT MAKE YOU THE SHIT!!!! You’re perfect just as you are. FU*K em!!!! Hit me if u need me Lil bro. #Salute”

As hard as it is to watch without crying, please copy and share this video everywhere. This needs to stop!