Chipotle SUED AGAIN for Health Regulation Violations!!

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A Virginia Chipotle restaurant is under fire after a food-borne illness was found and mice were caught on surveillance video falling from the ceiling at another location in Dallas. SMH…what next?

Chipotle’s shareholders are suing their own company on the false pretenses that misled investors into believing these health code violations had been taken care of. The virus outbreak in Virginia has reportedly infected over 100 people. As a result of these issues, Chipotle stocks have dropped 10 percent in a matter of a week.

According to, this isn’t the first incident where Chipotle has been sued by its own investors. In January 2016, shareholders sued the chain for not disclosing food safety records concerning poor quality control after the E. coli outbreak of 2015.

In short, hold off on your chicken burrito bowls for awhile…or forever…just sayin’.