President Barack Obama Reports for Jury Duty!!

Jury duty eventually comes around to hit all of us over the head but in this situation, President Obama welcomed the opportunity with a smile and the same presidential dignity we love that he has. Amidst the cameras, the American people, and social media frenzy, our president was as cool as a cucumber. THAT’S how you do it… Continue reading “President Barack Obama Reports for Jury Duty!!”

Did @iamcardiB Land a crazy collab with @Beyonce ? “Let’s find out and see!”

🔥🔥🔥 A Beyonce’ and Cardi B collab might be on the way, teases engineer AshByMix via IG. They have since requested the footage be taken down but apparently, this is happening/ happened! This engineer has already removed the snapshot of the recording containing the title of Cardi’s  song and Beyonce being featured.