Kendrick Lamar “Humble” Breaking the Internet

Kendrick Lamar drops a gangsta banger in which he urges perpetrators to check themselves before throwing shots at the throne. Fans have been trying to connect bits and pieces of an otherwise elaborate puzzle of a Kendrick Lamar/ Big Sean beef. After watching, see what Complex has to say about the timeline of subliminal raps between the prominent emcees. Continue reading “Kendrick Lamar “Humble” Breaking the Internet”

Watch Catfish? Here Are The Top Reveals Before The New Season!

Catfish is about two guys who created a documentary series in 2010 where they explore the wonderful world of online dating but take it a few steps further to help them achieve the REAL thing. The show was a big hit on MTV and is now all about pairing distant lovers with their online counterparts. What starts out as a journey into romantic bliss eventually turns to a search for answers and confirmation and well, hopefully, a true forever with your dream girl/ guy. Check out the popular shows’ latest reveal highlight tape below Continue reading “Watch Catfish? Here Are The Top Reveals Before The New Season!”